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Media & Events

Earth Day 2006: U.S. Hemp Co Museum and Hemp Horizons Gift Shop open in downtown Santa Cruz, CA.. Hemp Horizons gift shop displays and sells the latest hemp products including food, cosmetics, paper, textiles, shoes, clothing, candles and more. 
July 2006: U.S. Hemp Co Museum gets front page article on Local section of the Santa Cruz Sentinel – the highest circulated newspaper in Santa Cruz County. Public television features Museum on a local Environmental program. Aaron Carvajal gets front page of People
section of Santa Cruz Sentinel shortly thereafter giving the Hemp Musuem great exposure.
Many projects spawn from the US Hemp Co Museum.  See US Hemp to see the the details about th hemp surfboards, bikes, art canvas, and other activities that we like to call the beginning of the future.

US Hemp Co Surfboards

September 2006: Surfer's Journal Article introducing the Hemp Surfboards that spawn from the U.S. Hemp Co. Museum in downtown Santa Cruz, CA. We were able to develop some great boards with the help of locals like Kevin MacArgal and Nef Espino of Homegrown. The U.S. Hemp Surf Team is established and quickly gets to work spreading the news about hemp.
We shortly get featured in Surfing magazine and other local surf magazines with the help of our team. Our team includes Chad Jackson, Darshan Gooch, Richard Cedano, Jamilah Star, Matt King and lots of locals. Jamilah Star gets featured as one of the 13 most adventerous people in the world.
October 2007: Surfing Magazine Green Issue: Full page feature article on the new Hemp Boards being made by Chad Jackson & U.S. Hemp Co.
We worked closely with the folks from Local to help bring hemp into their line.  We promoted jointly on several events and activities throughout the last few years.  They are certainly surfing the waves of change.
September, 2006: U.S. Hemp is the main sponsor for the 2006 Disc & Dig Disc Golf and Volleyball tournament. Hemp T-shirts are a huge hit.

May 2008: U.S. Hemp Co. sponsors hemp gift bags and attends season finale shooting and finale csat party for Showtime's series Weeds. Hemp T-shirts, bags and stickers are very well received by the cast and crew.
April, 2009: U.S. Hemp Co. donates a hemp surfboard to Save Our Waves Coalition and attends annual benefit event in San Francisco, CA..  US Hemp regularlywork with local groups to support environmental projects. Please contact us at if yuo would like to talk about an upcoming event.

June 2009: U.S. Hemp Co. surfboard and products featured and raffled at the MPP's Annual Playboy Mansion Party to benefit the Marijuana Policy Project's ongoing efforts to establish patient's rights as U.S. Law.

Daryl Hannahs dh lovelife features the US Hemp Co Surfboard as the most eco friendly boards on the market today. The BIg Kahuna isfeatured.  Click on the logo to see >>>


Hemp History Week    MAY  17-23, 2010   

We put together several tables with samples and information supplied by Vote Hemp and US Hemp Co. Food items such as hemp seed and granola bars were given to interested visitor along with body care samples with information pamphlets and coupons. supplied. Also supplied by Vote Hemp were hemp concrete samples and t shirts.  US Hemp provided  hemp twine, textiles, surboards, and clothing to display as well.



Many musicians are drawn towards Cannabis and so naturally came forward to support our wave of change. Hemp My Band was developed to promote the use of organic hemp blend band t-shirts instead of the traditional toxic cotton T's. Many of the musicians were led to us by our dear departed friend Damien Russell founder of Bearijuana Republic and D.R.A.W.  Damien's life was blessed with adventure and many good friends along the way.  We were honored to have his influence in developing this musical  branch of US Hemp Co.
in loving memory of Damien Russell
U.S. Hemp has built a coalition of groups and businesses ready to help bring hemp forward. Wherever attention is drawn towards instigating change – we are there. In this vein, We have continued to actively make waves of change by actively participateing in the growing Medical Cannabis industry. We are actively pursuing bringing hemp into dispensaries and most importanty – solidarity to Cannabis Community. We have founded several websites to take advantage of Web 2.0 and endeavor to create Cannabis 2.0 that will mean positive change for the world.

We began our community greenhouses with the help of many members, patients, activists, and of course our netowrk of experienced cultivators.  MDCannabis has gained the reputation of deliverying high quality organic medicines at a low cost.  We focused much of our attention on creating a system that completely complies with the law while tracking everything online with digital records.  This means no paper and the certainty of proper tracking and quality control. We created a sophisticated plant to patient batching system mirrored after pharmaceutical standards. 


We created Cannabis Union as a means to unite and protect members of the Medicinal movement.  Many cultivators, collectives, and patients support this idea that has yet to be put into action.  
The manner in which the Cannabis industry operates today, will determine the structure of it's future existence as the nation moves towards full legalization.  As 
separate individual collectives, "law" enforcement can easily disrupt and delay our progress – ignoring the will of the people.  Many legal operations are dismantled nearly every day.  We are creating a unified front that will establish industry standards and legal protection for us all.  United We Stand.  



Root TribeRoottribe aims to give everyone a chance to show their contribution to our growing community. All services are free always.  Please feel free to post your Profile, Menu's, Photos, Videos etc. You can support your fellow Cultivators, Collectives, Providers or your favorite Products by joining their Groups.  Create your own to spread news of your products, events, and community projects. This is a free platform from and of the Cannabis Community. 



Cannamunity's goal is to bring unity to the Cannabis Community and preserve our culture by creating a unified voice. We hope our great deals will draw all Canna People into the legal dispensary network. All of our services to you are free. All we ask is you use our valuable coupons to support your local providers and our ongoing efforts towards solidarity.
WAMMFEST           How Berkeley Can You Be?            Harmony Festival
Various University and Community  events:  
We regularly attend and sponsor local and educational events.
Please contact us about attending or sponsoring your community event.



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