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The Future

Future of Hemp, US Hemp Museum

Sales of Hemp Products Worldwide
With hundreds of food products, such as seeds, cereal, breads, candy bars, protein powders, flours, and hemp milk, just to name a few, industrial hemp is being grown, processed, and distributed all over the world.  In addition, hemp fiber, oil, seeds, and textiles are being utilized in a plethora of applications, including: apparel, building materials, surfboards, mountain bike frames, guitar cabinets, skateboards, lubricating oils, body care products, and nutritional supplements, among thousands of others.
China, Romania, and Canada are currently leading the world in production of industrial hemp for fiber, textiles, and food, with other European nations also growing hemp for various applications.  Industrial hemp is widely accepted over Europe and Asia for its medicinal value, nutritional power, and unsurpassed strength and durability in consumer and industrial industries.  The next step is re-legalizing industrial hemp in the United States and increasing the demand and visibility of this wonder crop, thereby empowering American farmers, giving consumers an amazing product, and producing hemp products in this country.
Re-legalizing Hemp in the U.S.
As of 2007, North Dakota is the only state that can legally grow industrial hemp, however, not without significant costs to the independent family farmer.  Non-refundable application fees are $3,440 to apply for the permit from the DEA to grow industrial hemp.  Given the costly fees, it is apparent that the Federal Government is going to create as many roadblocks between the farmers and the fields.  Nonetheless, it is significant progress that we are slowly repealing decades of baseless legislation and moving toward the legalization of industrial hemp in the United States of America.  For all the latest news about the efforts to legalize hemp in the U.S., please visit
 FUTURE of Hemp, us hemp museum

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